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Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Did you happen to hear a swarm of bees travel to your yard? Or, maybe you noticed a large ball of bees on a branch or side of your fence.  Whatever you do, DO NOT get the can of bug killer.  Contact us to come get them and ensure they will have a good home. In most all cases, the service is free for you and we can extract and remove the bees.

**There are many bee rescue groups out there, but it is important that a beekeeper removes a swarm the correct way that leaves next to no bees behind.  A responsible beekeeper will ensure that this is taken care of properly so it is important that you do not just ask anyone to come out and take them or you could have a bunch of bees left behind in your yard.

Contact us immediately for removal!


What is a bee swarm?

A bee swarm is the natural way bees repopulate and grow more hives. As the bees get crowded in their hive, they will begin to make a new queen.  As the new queen gets close to emerging, the old queen and a host of loyal subjects will leave the hive in search of a new home.  This group of bees is called a swarm. 

When do swarms happen?

In most cases, swarms happen during the Spring season.  In Idaho, the hieght of swarm season takes place during April-early June. 

How long will they stay there?

If you happen to notice a swarm, you need to act quickly to make sure they will be re-homed properly. When a swarm gathers into a ball, they are sending out scout bees looking for their next destination.  This could take 30 minutes or it could take 3 days.  It is important to act fast because of so many unknowns. Contact us so we can get on it quickly!

Is a swarm aggressive?

Typically, bees aren't aggressive.  They become defensive with their hives when threatened.  During a swarm, bees are relatively calm and pose very, very little threat to you and your safety.

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