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Rent - A - Hive Program

Did you know that over 80% of new beekeepers lose their hives in their first year?  Most of those choose not to return to the hobby due the time and knowledge it takes to successfully be a beekeeper.  Let us take the risks and hard work out of the equation. 
This is the program for you if you have never been a beekeeper before or if you are interested in helping the environment from home?  Or maybe are you just interested in a new back yard hobby but do not know what to do?
Check out our residential RENT-A-HIVE Program for more information.  
Maybe you are a corporate or business group looking for fun, sustainable, and innovative ways for leadership and staff building exercises. Check out our Corporate Hive Program: BEE SMART!
We offer both commercial programs and residential programs to get you fully emmersed in all areas of beekeeping. We do all the hive management.  You get to enjoy the benefits of the bees in your backyard.
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