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Corporate Beehive Program


Employee Engagement

Social Responsibility

Join our team!  TC's Apiaries commits to the education, preservation, and appreciation of the honey bee.  We tailor our programs for employee engagement through many different options and programs we call Bee Smart. 

Whether you are looking for sustainable initiatives for your company, a philanthropic pursuit, creative team building exercises, or positive public relations, we can create the program for you. We would simply need to follow three easy steps.

Join our mission and create two wonderful outcomes:

1. have your employees learn and grow through the understanding of bee behavior and the application honey bee bio-mimicry in the workplace.

And, 2. Help rebuild the honey bee population and establish green initiatives within your company.


Step 1

We would  work with your leadership council or HR team to determine how many hives and the specific program that you want (number of hives, tours, presentations, team building, etc.).  Once we get a full idea of what you are looking for we will build you a quote.

Step 2

We will need to meet on-site to determine the best place for the bees.  While the space doesn't need to be too much, we will need to determine if additional fencing maybe required if it is near high traffic areas.

Step 3

We will provide the installation and determine the times for the presentations and tours.  The hives remain on-site from April to September each year roughly. It can take a little time for proper planning and installation so make sure you join us immediately!

Contact us at for more information

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