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Residential Beehive Rental Program

Are you interested in bees or desire to contribute to the environment in a positive way in your neighborhood?  Do you want to have all the benefits of a hive in your yard but don't know where to start?  Beekeeping is a fantastic hobby to get into.  But, it is very expensive and there is an over 80% failure rate for first time beekeepers. It is far more complicated than leaving a bunch of bugs in a box. TC's Apiaries offers a rental program for the wanna-bee beekeeper (see what I did there?!).       

The Hive Rental - $650 - For two hives

Whether you want to enjoy all the benefits of bees in their back yard or if you want to learn how to become a beekeeper in your own backyard this program is for you.   We will do all the work for you and you get to sit back and enjoy the busy bees pollinating and thriving at your home as you help to continue to rebuild the bee population.  Or you could sit in on our check-ups and learn how to properly manage bees from month to month (sometimes week to week) and season to season.  What is included in our rental program:

  • Introductory lesson on beekeeping

  • We supply and maintain the hive(s) in your yard for the entire rental period

  • Rental season is from Mid-April/early May to October

  • Our experienced beekeepers will collect and harvest the honey in the late summer and you will recieve 10-15lbs of the honey that was made in your very own yard**

  • Our rental clients have the option to buy their own nuc hives at a discounted rate the following year

  • Check-ins are anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour long

  • Receive periodic updates 

  • Discover the world of beekeeping through hands-on experiential learning

  • Typically 2 hives will be placed at your location during the rental period.

Beyond just enjoying the benefits of bees, this program is for those who want to rent a hive for the first year to have a more hands-on experience to beekeeping. These renters seek to become self-sufficient beekeepers themselves in the future.

**There is no guarantee to the surplus of honey as today's environment can have an impact on the amount of honey the bees are able to make.

Reasons to Rent a Hive First

  • There is an over 80% failure rate for new beekeepers due to lack of know-how, proper bee husbandry, and dealing with environmental factors properly. This is the number one reason beekeepers walk away from the hobby.

  • Due to the high failure rate, the risks of the investment of bees, equipment, treatments, and hive components are too great without proper education and training. 

  • Hands-on training will significantly reduce the risks of failure and wasted investment.

  • Renting a hive will allow the client to gain a significant appreciation and understanding of bee husbandry, bee biology, environmental impact, and the societal importace of bees in our community.

  • The program is designed to create beekeepers and not simply bee-havers.  It is to teach you how best to manage and sustain your own bee colonies to ensure their success and vitality. 

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